Our earth consists of four main elements,
earth, water, air and fire …
It’s very survival depends on how we respect it
whether we live in harmony or continue to rape it?

IMG_2228We have divided our land up for farms and cities
with little left for native flora and fauna

Our traditional landowners co-existed
but greed has lead to pollution at many levels
We are the caretakers for our offspring’s survival
Do you live green or contribute to the rape?

Sept 76, Barmouth Beach
We fish our seas out, need rescues and border patrols

We rape the earth by over mining it and dumping waste
We kill our sea creatures by clogging it with plastic
Our air is so polluted our weather has become extreme
Yet still we burn our excessive waste, how obscene!

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the more we pollute the less dramatic artistic shows appear in our skies

So totally self-absorbed we ignore all warnings
If we don’t choose to live more mindfully
We are making our earth an uninhabitable sewer
Pause now and change your ways to redeem it?

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will we burn all our resources? www sourced