Mother Earth

Our earth consists of four main elements,
earth, water, air and fire …
It’s very survival depends on how we respect it
whether we live in harmony or continue to rape it?

IMG_2228We have divided our land up for farms and cities
with little left for native flora and fauna

Our traditional landowners co-existed
but greed has lead to pollution at many levels
We are the caretakers for our offspring’s survival
Do you live green or contribute to the rape?

Sept 76, Barmouth Beach
We fish our seas out, need rescues and border patrols

We rape the earth by over mining it and dumping waste
We kill our sea creatures by clogging it with plastic
Our air is so polluted our weather has become extreme
Yet still we burn our excessive waste, how obscene!

1 (2)
the more we pollute the less dramatic artistic shows appear in our skies

So totally self-absorbed we ignore all warnings
If we don’t choose to live more mindfully
We are making our earth an uninhabitable sewer
Pause now and change your ways to redeem it?

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will we burn all our resources? www sourced



  1. A mountain of garbage has just collapsed destroying homes and burying people under it in Colombo. There is a lot of soul searching but sadly until everyone stops pointing fingers at the authorities and realise that it is up to each of us to treasure the environment, and protect by earth by reducing our consumption, the problems of pollution will continue. You have to find some place to dump right ?
    It takes so little to sort your own garbage, to recycle bags, to refurbish and revamp without buying the latest to keep up with the Joneses ….
    Consumerism is the bane of mother earth. I hope we wake up soon. .

    PS .. BEautiful pictures. The vibrant sky – AWESOME !!!

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    • Exactly why i wrote it … I do as much as I can, my friends do far more … but it must ripple out … buy less, conserve water, power, etc, lessen our carbon footprint … if we all do our personal best then your sons may have something left to show their children.

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  2. I absolutely agree with every word, every syllable! You know, when I go to Japan one of the first things I notice is there is no garbage on the streets, or on the side of the road…none! The next thing I notice is there are no garbage cans…wha? But it’s true. The citizens of Japan if they open a gum wrapper for a stick of gum…the wrapper goes into their pocket or their purse. They carry what bit of trash they have until they can get to a recycle bin or home. The idea of throwing the paper or plastic or aluminum on the ground doesn’t exist.

    Now here in Alabama, I walk my dog, Cody, twice a day. Each walk I pick up trash…tons of it: styrofoam cups, beer cans, whole McDonald bags of half-eaten food, cigarette packs, articles of clothing (I swear), paper, and some things that are unidentifiable. I usually carry a grocery store plastic bag to put the trash in, then throw it away in a dumpster close by.

    I told a person if I came into your house and opened your family Bible and spit tobacco juice into it and poured my beer on it and stuck my gum between the pages…how would you feel? But that’s exactly what is done to the earth that provides us with air to breathe, water to drink, clothing to wear and materials to build our homes. You’d think we’d care a bit more, but hell. no.

    I’ll stop here. Gotta walk Cody…get my trash bag.

    Love you Calmkate 🙂 You have a good heart! Bless you!

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  3. I wish people could understand that not only is the earth our home, it is the only home we have! If we don’t take care of it, we all lose. Big time. I just hope we wake up before it’s too late….

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  4. This saddens me on so many levels and reminds me of why I prefer to live in the courntryside away from the daily abuses of nature. Although, just recently l have observed more trash on our country roads which people have thrown out of their car windows. Shocking! why do people do that?

    Over the years I have tried to do my part in small ways but I sensed recently I needed to be more mindful and have taken steps to do so.

    Great post Kate.

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  5. I agree with what you mentioned about how people treat our precious earth. When I go to Bangalore in India, and see how people act ignorant about polluting and pollution, I feel very angry. When I see people littering, I feel like taking the garbage they throw and give it back to them, but instead I take it and throw it into the trash can’s.

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  6. Couldn’t agree more. Earth is our home and until we learn to respect it, we will continue to destroy it. The only way to get the public on board is to actually get them to care. Many people choose to ignore earths struggle and cry for help. We have to show people how their own actions are actually impacting them negatively and on a personal level. Hurricane Irma is just one example of the types of severe weather events that will continue to occur as global warming intensifies. Only once people accept the connection between such devastating events and climate change, will any real action be taken. I have just written a blog about how plastic has now entered our drinking water and contaminated it. My hope is that publics view this and begin perceiving climate change as a personal cause rather than just a global cause.


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