Climbing Status

Started trekking when I was young
Annapurna’s were great fun
Mt Cader Idris in Snowdonia
Climbing just for the challenge

Collected pot plants galore
favoured vines that climbed around the door
or passionfruit that gave sweet fruit
and tiny geckos who climbed my walls

But never felt the need to climb the social ladder
materialism and credentials didn’t matter
Travel, friends, support and chatter
Sustained and freed me!

Do you expend energy climbing,
is it mountains, vines or status?
Healthier to conquer your scattered thoughts
Staying focused truly liberates

Living in the present allows us to get the most
from each moment of our life
Climbing can bring strife
Remain stable honest and reliable!

Daily Prompt:  Climbing – photo is Wales from the Cader Idris climb


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