Surprise Me

I never cease to be surprised by the breadth and beauty of my country!


I am continuously surprised by the blatant disregard and denigration
of our first nation people!

They are raising discussion for constitutional recognition and legislation changes in regards to racial discrimination … things long overdue!

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Weekly Photo Challenge:  Surprise  – feature photo is not mine


  1. WELL SAID, about time I have always been shocked at the way the Indigenous people of certain Countries are treated, appalling – give them booze, no education or jobs, and no hope and that will do, for heavens sake surely we should move on from that. How long ago was it, 30 years or more perhaps I heard how the Canadians said they needed to do more for the Eskimos, did they? Australia is a proud Country but they have forgotten the Real Australians. I am sure Kate you will probably find something here in the UK, and rightly so. Love your blogs. Shall reblog.

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