Do you unravel when things go wrong
or stay cool calm and collected?
What does your ‘unravelled’ look like;
a motor vehicle crash gone wrong?

Drama with loads of carry on;
spew molten lava everywhere;
scream and shout without a care;
poison vomited over those you love?

Do those in the know move away quick?
Colleagues and rellies reel from your flick?
Pause for a moment and think of the destruction
As volatile reactions cause tsunami waves

Are you really helping the situation?
Or would a calmer more logical response
Bring about a healthier resolution …
How can you control that unravel before it starts?

Learn some constructive coping tools
Count to ten, set up some rules
Be more aware to show others respect
Verbal or physical violence is so wrong

You damage yourself and all relationships
Life throws us challenges and how we cope
Clearly indicates our emotional scope
See a counsellor, read a book

For peace and harmony begins within
And we need to watch what we put out
Because it will surely come back again
So radiate rainbows, let go of volcanoes!

Daily Prompt:  Unravel