Do you blindly stumble thru life
in and out of strife;
confused or abused;
with laughter or bemused?

Or rigid with control
things must go your way
Or relaxed and able to go with the flow
seeking to help others who are low?

For if unaware
that blindness can flare
and we blame others for what we sew
Be realistic, open your mind

For if we continue blind
life will fly by
and we will wonder why
we didn’t take more care

Insight provides clarity
to give skilful charity
Prioritise life,
stay away from strife

Take off those blinkers
let your inner light glow
Connect and let others know
they are valued

Life will brighten
as we share real kindness
help other recognise their resilience
then peace and harmony will flow …

and we will all grow!

Daily Prompt:  Blindly