Healing comes in many forms
but focus tend to be on the physical
those keen to stay healthy choose their lifestyle
while some seek legal and illegal meds

Such quick fixes only mask symptoms
for they don’t look at actual causes
We need to take regular pauses
to check what adjustments we need

More exercise and sleep, a good feed
get to know your body and listen closely
for when we know ourselves well
with close care we can avoid symptoms

But for emotional and mental healing
we need to check our core values
if we live according to them
such harmony keeps us in sync

But if unaware and confused we may sink
Exploring our spiritual inner world
opens many more doors to healing
How do you care of your inner health?

Empower yourself now and take good care
for when healthy and happy we have much more to share
Heal from within to ignite that inner glow
for it enables us to truly grow!

Daily Prompt:  Heal