Potter conquered many fears and much adversity
With the support of his friends, Ron and Hermione
Ron came from the large red-haired Weasley family
Fun, supportive and all great wizards

Hermione brought brains and beauty to the trio
She was the attractive super intelligent one
Half mogul about which she was teased
But her knowledge of potions and spells pleased

Hogwart teachers couldn’t fault her
She shared to protect her cheeky friends
At first many thought she was Harry’s girlfriend
but it was the bumbling shy Ron who won her heart

Written at the request of Sun and Moon who enjoyed my poems Quiditch and Tormentors.
Pic courtesy of google images


  1. Nice homage, Kate! You summarized in a few lines what it took Rowling books upon books to write.

    Generally, the genre doesn’t appeal, yet somehow HP satisfies my inner yearnings. Why? No idea, though a few possibilities emerge. There’s the charming whimsy, which nonetheless happens in our time, not in some distant medieval past.

    Then, all the unanticipated twists, like Hermione falling for Ron, not Harry; one of the teachers, presented as the “perfect villain” through most of the series, turning out to be a hero (of sorts).

    Put simply, HP is a lot of fun. Maybe that’s the reason.

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  2. I am a huge HP fan and just got the Prisoner of the Azkaban and gonna reread after ages. One more book and I complete my collection. Love this dedication to Harry Potter, one of my favorite books:)

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