Most of us are in denial about death
yet none of us can avoid it.
Seldom do we plan for the inevitable;
left instructions with a health directive?

What preparations have you made;
finished off the bucket list;
told those close you love them
so that you can leave with no regrets?


Leave no business unfinished
for tomorrow may not come!
Really, have you made your will
or will the courts divvy up your funds?

Worked in palliative care for years so this topic is very close to my heart.  Here is my poem and a short fiction on the topic, or just search my blog for Heaven; Prepared; Final Exit

Daily Prompt:  Denial


  1. I saw you left a comment unclear why people avoid the inevitable. FEAR that mortality is a real concept is a difficult realization even if people are unsatisfied with life. We may not like our current existence, but the after existence is a greater question mark.

    Procrastination is a second reason a segment of our population lacks preparedness.

    Until we accept a HEALTHY BALANCED LIFE requires participating in stressful activities, and performing mundane tasks we often dread (in addition to) JOYFUL and FUN events, procrastination and avoidance will remain a major problem for many people.

    This post is more important than many may realize. Until “feel good” or monetary incentives are attached to these documents, they will remain a low priority in people’s lives.

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    • Thanks for that wisdom Jonathan!
      Monetary incentives are strongly attached to these documents! Hospice work gives some gruesome insight into family squabbles that lack of documentation ignites. People have no idea of the manipulations and games that go on if clear instructions are not given.
      Therefore if you want a peaceful death and loving support please do those documents NOW because you wont believe how greedy loved ones really are!

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  2. I have asked a family member that i am about to write my living will..and they were like..are you insane? Its only for the dying…well your poem just answered that mentallity..we don’t have to be sick to prepare oursleves and those we will leave behind..after all legal procedures can be very tedious once you are already dead …

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