Security is …

There is security within familiarity
with a good education or secure job
with sufficient funds to pay the bills
with good health or at least no severe ills

There is security in owning our home
or the privacy afforded by a tall garden wall
but these are all basic worldly securities
to enhance our daily life


a flock of familiar friends

What about deep heartfelt security
with less ego more care for others,
with equality and authentic kindness
with self exploration and awareness

There is taking responsibility
while living by our values
always reviewing our attitude
enjoying each moment with gratitude


privacy of a tall garden wall

These enhance our emotional and mental security
when we nurture our spiritual essence
weakening any destructive emotions
minimises need for meds or potions!

Life becomes more content
less doubts and harm arise
we communicate and compromise,
supporting each other we grow together!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Security


  1. “Life becomes more content … as we grow to support each other!” I agree with you. The more we support each other, with no difference, the more we can transform our world in a “love” one. Wonderful post!

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