Why Wait for Later?

Do you readily forgive a friend for being late;
Your partner for forgetting that special date;
Your daughter for being overweight;
Or that elderly aunt who is too sedate?

Can you forgive mail delivered in a soggy state;
The squeaky hinge on a neighbour’s gate;
A partner running off with your best mate;
or a steep increase in the mortgage rate?

Will you forgive those that others love to hate;
The car accident that sealed your fate;
Yourself for being irate;
or the attention given the lovely Kate?

Forgiveness starts with ones self,
best accruement for our inner wealth.
Forgiveness of others ensures our health
as resentment only damages.

Forgiving others who have wronged us
Lightens our load, plus
Anger and grudges make us ugly inside!
So get it out or confide?

These are triggers for illness.
Cancers, headaches and addictions
Dealing with it brings inner stillness,
connects with our kindness.

Ask forgiveness from those you’ve wronged
Brings harmony and peace,
Hostilities cease.
It truly does empower!

So do it right NOW!


Daily Prompt:  Later


  1. Alas….many do not ask for forgiveness nor apologize for their deeds! Cowardice takes the easy way out. That said, you have named a good list. But it would be hard (admittedly for me) for me to forgive easily! Sigh! 😣

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  2. #NuffSaid this is a hash-tag I write when i see or read something that gives a message that is truer than true. I am big on forgiveness but am No sap…. but do feel strongly that when, ones anger calms down, from what ever happened we have to find forgiveness inside not for the other person but for ourselves. If not it will manifest in other areas in our bodies.

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  3. I agree dear Kate.
    “Ask forgiveness from those you’ve wronged
    Brings harmony and peace,
    Hostilities cease.
    It truly does empower!”
    We need to lead with concern, kindness and listen. Not lecture. Good evening from Michigan.

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