Passport Pivilege

Most of us take a passport for granted.
Mine testify to earlier travels
but now they seldom stamp it!
Visas are another story when residing abroad.

Yet some people will never have one
invaded by a super power
they are only issued a flimsy piece of paper
that cannot be used for travel

Exiled from their homelands
their invaders ensure that nobody recognises them
unless they acquiesce to their demands!
Can you even begin to imagine life without yours?

Others may have a passport from a troubled country
Suspicion aroused wherever they go
checked too often and regarded with fear
Only global citizenship will allow free travel!

So no more flag and no more borders!
Recognise that there is only one human race
with many different tribes.
Lets open to each other with warm embrace?

Daily Prompt:  Passport



  1. It wasn’t long ago that Europe was so separated that travelling wasn’t as free as nowadays. Back then it really was a privilege to travel, I was told by my parents, grandparents. The fact that I’m able to go almost anywhere, live abroad still shocks them – and makes me appreciate it.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

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    • Yes I used to purchase Eurail passes when I only had a few months over there and I remember being woken at every border to show my passport and answer questions. Can’t imagine how free it is both to travel and move residence there now. We need to keep breaking down those borders.


  2. There is so much psychology that goes with the faces we wear.. comes with the conditioning from all our experiences.. to truly see others we have to shed ours first..
    so much work to be done and always on ourselves first..
    my hands are in pray for all the warriors that fight humanities battle every day with love and kindness ..
    Thank you for a very inspiring post🙏

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  3. We are One race with just different faces…. I heard someplace once that the world started with 7 tribes… and when the Great Continent Pannonia separated so did the tribes…. This is why you can have a few people that are of different colors with the same bone structure.

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    • Those words “one human race with many tribes” are taken from an earlier post about Uncle Herb. He is a traditional land owner and they are his words not mine. But I know he’d be happy for me to use them.
      You could well be right we are each unique but totally interconnected no matter what colour, creed … etc.

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  4. Beautiful thoughts. Echoes of what my dad used to say. No more flags. I told him he was being unrealistic but it is only now I realise the wisdom of his words. I posted his thoughts in a post Building the Wall but wish I had done more to work on and absorb his thinking when he was with us. I love the empathy you have shown in this post. the refugees …people from embattled nations. One world, one people…our hope. Posts like yours can bring about paradigm shifts. Best to you .

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