Meet the Bloggers

Hi there I have a second blog of interviews with fascinating fellow bloggers!

So please visit my cosy cafe for a comfy chat as we get to know a bit more about each other?

Order your preferred cuppa, pull up a comfy chair and settle down for an interesting read about a broad range of bloggers from our companionable circle of cyber space.

Also do a weekly prompt called Friday Fun, inviting you to share photos or write creatively on the topic!

Here is just a ‘taste’!

Out and About – outstanding photos with meaningful messages – Aussie Miriam

Michnavs – poetry and travel with a broad family appeal – Mich

Parallax – exploring the WA outback and theology, now poetry king – Paul

Planet Simon – a multi-talented geek who writes sc-fi, posts about space, cartoons plus!

Muddling through my Middle Age – appealing family/ pet stories relevant to us all – Ann

Megha’s World – a truly gifted poet who finds amazing art work and is well published

Comically Quirky – a humorous take on life events with teen sons and a dog

Garfield Hugs – life, humour, cartoons – a ‘taste’ of Singapore

Jane Basil Blog – gifted poetry, raw emotion, creativity at its best – Brit Jane

Pacific Trooper – stories, letters, photos, cartoons that personalise war – GP Cox

Courage Coach – well travelled nurse sharing her take on life – Jennifer

Postcards from Kerry – travel, cats, photos and life with warmth can care – Chatty Kerry

Your loss if you don’t drop by …





  1. What a glorious article Kate, I follow a few of the interviewee’s, and I have read theirs first (fascinating) beautiful insights to their personalities. And I’ve started reading the other interviews, I’m sure there’ll be great bedtime reading for me tonight…. Thank you Kate, I’m thoroughly your post, well done…

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