We can spread ourselves thin with too many distractions
Or immerse ourselves with focus and purpose
Life is busy with blogging, family, work,
Study, religion, exercise or social media

Do you stop to assess your goals or aims?
By using our time and energy more wisely
We can achieve more than we expect
I prefer contemplation, communication and friends.

Blogging is a enjoyable way of self-expression
Social media holds no fascination
Cycling and walks ensures that I’m fit
Confronting fears brings real satisfaction!

Pause a while to assess where your energy goes
Make clear decisions about what you immerse
Yourself in, where your focus can bring most benefit?
Then enjoy the rewards of knowing life is meaningful!

Daily Prompt:  Immerse


  1. This is where reading blogposts helps. People are always aware of what they need to do, but mostly fail to implement. These posts are like gentle reminders to stop, hold back, take a moment to think and clear the self made fog.
    The rewards of knowing life is meaningful……One day, surely one, very soon, day.

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  2. so very true…. you just made me about what i just wrote, about. especially on the social media. but thinking on what u wrote above, people now immerse themselves in a chair and lose themselves. they forget there is a world out there that also keeps our minds and body strong. there has to be a balance.

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