A gang of thieves deprive us with dare;
Constantly racing about here and there;
Always distracting us, it’s so unfair!
Peace from them is extremely rare.

They confuse us with great flare
Fluttering about like a bird pair;
For calm they have no care,
Scattering it about as they tear.

Usually we are unaware
They blind us even as we stare;
Competing for attention they must share;
Holding us to ransom, they scare!

Rendering any reflection bare;
Darting about in thin air,
Depriving us with bold glare.
More skittish than a breeding mare.

Tempted to touch shiny hair;

Taste that juicy pear;

Smell that fresh fare;

What colour to wear?

We hold our senses as so dear
As we obsess to hear and leer
Masterfully try to control or steer,
For they preoccupy I fear!

It’s mind, taste, touch, smell, sound and sight
They steal our attention, demanding the spotlight.
Our six senses have all the gear
To prevent one becoming a calm wise seer!


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