Everyone has a good heart
Nobody wishes any harm
We all strive to do our best

Yet often we are victims of our own erratic thoughts
Drama keeps us centre stage
when self-absorption is our focus

But if happy and secure within ourselves
We give others our attention
bringing happiness and connection!

Learn to tame your thoughts
Try to give harmful emotions less energy
Create your own calm, become centred!

How do you stay centred?
Daily Prompt:  Center


  1. Being mindful; observant, patient, thinking before speaking –
    constantly learning and readjusting and of course doing what I enjoy. 🙂

    Very often people say yes to things they are not comfortable with and are then saddled with the responsibility to follow through and finish. Learning to have a balance and staying centered allows for more time to do the things that matter most with the least aggravation to all involved.

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  2. So rue, Kate! Just as others are patient with us when we have yet to find our way, it’s the same basic courtesy we should extend to others.

    Certainly, many are misguided, misinformed or are just plain wrong, but very few are genuinely bad. Agree or not, most are trying to improve things.

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  3. I have always said giving to others is the best gift we can give ourselves.
    Balance has become much more the norm as I’ve lived life and experienced all sides. It has helped create flexible boundaries providing safety and security without compromising room for growth and development.

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