As a well-endowed woman I attracted unwanted attention
Most people spoke to my chest, my face went unnoticed!
A grope, a squeeze or brushing against me
It felt like there was no respect!

They jiggled and sagged and created much tension
For years I contemplated a reduction
But not really something I’d do
Then one day I found ‘the lump’

A check confirmed what I already knew
Surgery the very next week!
Nothing to jiggle or sag or attract attention
No more bras or mammograms, a solution was granted!

Although a rebuild would be cost free
Why would I go there?
Its other peoples issue if they want to stare
I’m alive and very healthy with nothing to jiggle!

Daily Prompt:  Jiggle:  PS they weighed 2kg each!
NB This surgery was years ago and the cancer is GONE!