Life and Leisure

This guy has found his balance
A good match in more ways than one
Hanging, dangling and outside
Tech allows him to stay in contact

How many of us really find our balance?
Feel that we are hanging by a thread
Dangling off the edge
Outside the norm

I prefer to leave devices at home
Or have ‘personal’ time with them off
Have you a good match between the two?
How do you keep your balance?

Weekly Photo Challenge:  A Good Match


  1. I have a fitness device that records steps. Could do a bunch of other things like fill in the amount of water I drink, food I eat, and how I sleep. But I don’t record what goes in my mouth, and I take it off for sleep and naps. No one needs to have that much information about me. That’s my balance – at least with that tracker.

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  2. In my later years, I’ve started taking yoga classes and have had to work hard on my sense of balance. It’s important in yoga if you want to do the poses, and it also helps in preventing falls and other accidents that I do not need in my life. I think achieving balance in any aspect of my life is equally important, and can be just as hard. Good food for thought.

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