This bronze statue is a memorial to all the children who suffered abuse stemming from the Queensland Govt. and Churches, not the Home Children as per my original post!

Home Children

So acknowledging my mistake I would like to expand this post to include other atrocities against children … including the more than 130,000 children that UK deported off to their colonies!  Initiated by a worker and financed by philanthropists they claimed this would give these children of poor families and single mothers a brighter future in the colonies.  Yet these children were treated as little more than slaves cut off from their families and separated from their siblings on arrival … these children are now elderly or deceased.  Some managed to trace their families in UK and met before they died.

Knowing many of you wont click on those links above to news reports of their Survival Against ALL Odds please just google “Home  Children” to read a summary on wikipedia.

Stolen Generation

It has now been documented and acknowledged that officials, again Govt and Church, ‘took’ whole generations of First Australian or Aboriginal children from their families and also trained them to be servants or slaves similar to the British children mentioned above. They lost family, culture and country and the repercussions are formidable!

Institutional Child Abuse

We have recently had a Royal Commission, official investigation, into these claims and sadly the figures against Churches is shocking with the Catholic Church taking a clear lead.  The Church is now questioning whether celibacy for priests was a contributing factor but having worked in this field for years it’s more likely that paedophiles joined the priesthood knowing that they would have access to children.  And the senior officials eg Cardinals, that knew of this abuse and ‘allowed’ it to continue are just as guilty as the perpetrators!

I have to raise our past mistakes to ensure that we never repeat them! And so this statue has revealed layers of abuse, SORRY to all those who suffered

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Against the Odds

PS It deeply saddens me to add this link to a more recent news article about the Catholic church paying for the defence of a paedophile who is still officially a brother, who has admitted to sexually abusing more than 30 10-11 year old boys!

Edit:  Feb 27 and here is the latest damning report about the British child immigrants and a new enquiry into the deportation and physical and sexual abuse cover ups …

March 3 and another link to how the Catholic Church is again sabotaging survivors of their sexual abuse! And it continues … Pope broke his promise!

This hypocrisy is outrageous!  Where does it end?