Squat Relief

Okay so I really can’t resist this one!  Having travelled and lived in India for many years I confess to preferring their ‘squat’ loos.  The actual squatting position is a healthy exercise and allows one to relieve themselves without any body parts touching contaminated seats!

I have no photos of this one but did find one on line to demonstrate my point. This is exactly how I remember them bucket is for flushing and washing eg no loo paper.  Any one else prefer this method?

Daily Prompt:  Squat


  1. You have to be joking!! I have a particularly bad memory of one of these loos from some years ago on a skiing holiday in Italy. I was wearing the usual ski gear, including the standard ski boots in which your ankles are locked into position! Trying to haul down my salopettes and keep them out of the way whilst doing the knees-bend position with fixed ankles was nigh on impossible and excruciatingly painful! I was never very ‘bendy’ even as a kid. Now, after enjoying lots of sport, and getting into the upper age brackets, the old knees rebel. I’ll risk toilet seat germs any day for a comfy seat! 🙂

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    • Ha ha ha you paint an interesting picture Jude! Fixed ankles and or knees do sound tricky … fortunately I’ve had plenty of practice over the years and would gladly leave you to seat germs but we don’t have much choice here in Australia.


  2. I deeply appreciate reminding us that throughout most of human history we did not use the stuff made of one time beautiful trees for the wiping. But I am set in my ways so I will use the modern “terlet fer me business” as some would say..

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  3. In my lil red dot we usually have a cubicle of squat pans. But largely phased out as seniors have a hard time doing a squat and getting up. Also people like comfy seats and in each cubicle there is a spray gun for water to wash up like a bideau style.

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  4. I think I’ll run in and check my bathroom to be sure the toilet is still there, if it is (and I think it will be) I will take a moment to dwell in some deep emotional thankfulness which will include some begging for forgiveness to have never appreciated its loveliness before. 😀

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  5. We as Muslims believe that is the way of our prophet but Im not too confident of using it n only used it when I had no option- like travelling overseas n that being the only or cleanest available option.
    Cleanliness is a very important part of our faith so we use both Water n toilet paper.

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  6. I am with you. This post reminded m of the three years I lived in Malaysia and my travels in India Nepal and Tibet. By far the best way, no paper to clog up the system. Westerners in general, get so “precious” about toilets and toilet etiquette. In ancient Rome and Greece, they were places of conversation as well as elimination.

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