Memories of by gone days when we used to post hand written letters …

And sent postcards from places now war torn

Even my bills come by email now days.
Do you still get snail mail?



  1. Letter writing was really good. But now we just phone or send e mails. we do get wedding invitations and some other posts by snail mail. I write a letter to my professor once a year for new year 🙂 This is because he does not like emails :))

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    • Yes I tend to write only to my mother and another friend as neither have computers and wont engage with electronic communications at any level. I still enjoy to receive Mum’s notes but once she passes that will finish. Not the same enjoyment as holding a hand-written letter and re reading the words!

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      • Yes, I have some letters written to me by my grandfather, he passed away in 1980. Some times I just read those letters again and I think that I should write letters again, but it never happens 🙂 But I have made it a point to write my blogs posts first in my note book, then in the computer. I like that feeling of holding the pen and writing .

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  2. There is nothing nicer than holding a handwritten letter and reading all the news. I still have every airmail I received from a dear Friend in Vancouver until she died. I have all the letters my Father wrote to my Mother when they were courting, some from her, but mainly my Daddy’s. Airmails from my mother every week I spent in Vancouver back in 1970s, only four weeks but she sent one to me every week telling me she hoped I was behaving myself, doing what I was told etc etc – I was 21 years of age, staying with this friend in Vancouver for four weeks. Parental control reached far. I have a habit of keeping lots of letters.

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  3. I love getting snail mail. Mostly it is email but I live in an old fashioned society where hand written thank you notes are the norm. I am still trying to decipher a letter sent at Christmas from one of my elderly friends in Scotland… I just found one of my husbands first love notes and thought about blogging about it.

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  4. I have never received a personal letter so far in my 2 decades of existence! But I have seen the letters my parents exchanged over the years before they got married. They’re beautiful to look at- that shabby handwriting and sloppy drawing- signed love, me.
    Definitely better than emails!

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    • How very sad Aeshwarya! If it wasn’t so public I’d ask for your address and post you a card from here … or maybe you could reblog this post so your friends get the hint? Handwritten letters hold such beautiful memories, they can be held and read and re read. Let’s hope you get one soon!


  5. Oh, I love this post. Brings back days gone by. I have all the letters my father wrote while in the navy–the years between 1951 and 1954–and the letters written by my great grandmother (spanning 12 years) and some from her father dating back to the late 1880s. It’s a gift beyond measure. And, the comment above by Aeshwarya took my breath away. We are in the age where this happens but it never occurred to me. There are actually people who have never received a hand written letter. It makes me sad.

    As a side note, when I was in college snail mail was the thing. A friend and I wrote letters back and forth on anything we could get our hands on just for kicks, and the wilder the better: napkins, brochures, toilet seat covers…you get the idea. We had so much fun. Ah, “those were the days.” ❤

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  6. Good thought ! Yes, communication is all through emails and otherwise these days. I wonder if people really write letters by hand these days and send them by post to their near and far 🙂


  7. The last remnant of snail mail seems to be Christmas cards. I celebrate Christmas and have always loved getting the cards and bits and pieces of news inside from the senders. But each year there are fewer cards. Getting an e card is nice but I can’t put it up on the window sill or hang it from a window and think about the person or family who sent it. Thanks for posting this.

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  8. I still do snail mailing, and I love it! I started it 15 years ago, when I was a 10 year old kid, and I haven’t stopped it since that, and I have no idea what would happen to me if I should stop it one day! Actually, finding a new penpal is not that difficult, even many people are stuck to their computers and phones. I’ve just written a post where we can find penpals, if you’re interested, you can check it. I adore the Facebook groups, Interpals, Students of the World and sometimes I get a few pals from Swap-bot.

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  9. I didn’t mind letter writing, but I did transit very quickly to voice when cassettes made it possible to send tapes overseas. And once email became serious I found that so much easier. I received a letter recently from someone (in their 80s) who has no modern tech capacity, and I found it a little strange, it is a long time between letters.

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  10. I used to have over a dozen pen pals. Now yes mostly adds and bills. However – if you’d like a PC from the states – send me your addy – I’d be happy to post one to you 🙂

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