What are you waiting for?
Your friend to stop being a bore
Or someone to open the opportunity door
Or for that bigger, better one and more?

Life can pass us by as we wait in anticipation,
for waiting can become like constipation!
Waiting for that ‘perfect’ someone a procrastination.
Our fantasies grow and we get lost in our hallucination!


None of us really know what’s in store
Could be exciting or riddled with flaw
Or deep sadness that rocks our core
It’s not usually wealth and happiness galore.

Will that bus come for our final destination
While our life is on hold for fantasy exaggeration
We can pause waiting for our fascination
Or find our inner wisdom for realisation!


We may be waiting for that torrential downpour
Or for that brand new tiny house we adore
But putting life off can leave us raw
Enjoy this very moment for you may not get more!

WPC:  Anticipation


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