Why do you write?


The hardware has changed dramatically

No more stains from changing ribbons

Lighter finger taps on the keyboard

Less forests felled for paper

Instant circulation instead of stamps

Opens exciting possibilities

Yet some use it anonymously to stir emotions

Wise use can bring joy for many

Photo is taken at Crawley House Museum at Summerland House Farm, NSW

CQ:  What use do you put your writing to?


  1. I’m not good at writing. I do it to express what I’m thinking. I’m going to work on painting for a while. I have written a few. Only my children’s novels received good reviews.

    I self-published them. My adult book sunk and died horribly.

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  2. Oh… I learned to type on a beast like the one in the photo. But pen and paper also work.
    I write because I breathe or visa versa. …even if it is just a small observation, everyday.

    I learn on that type of a machine in 6th (or 9th grade – 1st year of High School here).

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  3. I started by reading my dad’s write-ups at very young age.
    I grew into drawing stories majorly influenced by movies.
    Then I came up to getting inspired by books, movies, and events happening around me.
    A friend advised me to blog my ideas (which I started http://www.shimonkepha.com).
    Now I write, not only to express myself, but to help others with the ideas I have.

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  4. It’s been mentioned before, but when I write, I like to express myself. Writing helps me to get my thoughts out, learn, communicate, and gain new perspective.

    When I’m angry, writing is the best and most constructive tool I have.

    I would also like to make a living from writing, so blogging helps me to get that practice in while building a body of work.

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  5. I have to write every day, whether it be via the internet or just putting thoughts in a book or scrap of paper, I must write. Words written by some can make you happy, but the internet allows people you will never meet, to bully you they use words to belittle to make one feel worthless. Words can carry you away to better places within your mind, express yourself like you could never do face to face. Writing is a joy a pleasure if used in the right way. As ever, a most interesting blog.

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  6. To express myself. To organize what I have learned and experienced for future reference.

    it’s a good way to see your progress and share your journey.

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