IBM did it Again!

Had to laugh when I heard IBM is behind our Australian census failure

A few years ago they ripped Queensland Health off 2.2 billion – they were contracted to pay wages and grossly overpaid many who literally vanished when it came to light.

Think the court case only just finished this year … Another mere 5 million in court costs that our government is demanding IBM pay but to my knowledge has not paid yet?!  They were deemed not liable for the 2.2 billion salary debacle!

Believe they are amongst the major company winners who don’t pay any taxes for the billions they earn here!

So do we learn from our past mistakes?  Na same government contracted IBM to do our census which has crashed big time and is still down.

My aged deaf computer illiterate mother is distressed – they threaten huge DAILY fines for those not completing it!  Sister and I have tried calling their number numerous times to hear ‘too many calls, please call back later’?  Papers with digital access code were not received by snail mail and any callers to the house mum just doesn’t hear … Emailed request for digital access but still no response …?!?

Embarrassed to be an Aussie …  IBM should be named and shamed!

Here is a link to the outcome, an undisclosed settlement and everyone still has their jobs!  So nobody was responsible but Australians now realise no govt data collection is ‘safe’

[could add links but find most don’t click on them]


  1. Don’t ever be ashamed to be an Australian, great Country that has given so much, its People have given so much to the World, World War 1 and World War 11 the Aussies always ready to be there and as someone born in the UK brought up in the Fifties learned my History we owe a debt to the Aussies. Never been there, maybe one day but where would we be without the Aussies, where would London be? You are right in all you say take care.

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  2. Embarrassed to be an Aussie? No, don’t be… it is the same all over our planet. There will always be people fighting for supremacy, without any concern for the environment, animal and… (yes) other humans! I still believe that technology is and will be (even worst in the future) our destruction…
    but as you see, it enable us to be in touch with our antipodes 😉
    Have a lovely day 🙂 claudine


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