Night Sky

Night skies here are truly amazing,
stars so bright one can’t stop gazing!
They look so near
they are so clear


Billions in the Milky Way
like glitter spread in a spray;
Like diamonds tipped from an angel’s tray;
Guide vessels safely on their way!

The moon is so large and bright,
One can see as if in daylight;
Could touch it if I had some height;
Its majesty is a grand sight!

Tides rise and fall;
Prawns spawn to its call;
Different moods in people it raises;
Our month is marked by its phases.

Yet clouds can obscure
making stars seem fewer;
Some rain-filled and dark
make the sky so stark.


Clouds are quick to come and go
more dramatic than any soapie show.
Each night offers unique sights
regardless of our worldly plights.

Use that tide as your example
as this life wanes and waxes ample.
Whether good or bad it will change soon;
We are not so different from that moon!

ccc 7.5.2006
here are some photos to illustrate this poem

DP: Tide


  1. Actually, I’ve seen pictures of what those in the outback see at night. Stunning, though, as the cliché suggests, it still can’t compare to seeing it with your own eyes. There’s something about the atmospherics, the texture, that photography doesn’t quite convey.

    Still, even the photos make my heart skip a beat. Particularly when considering our local condition bring abundant clouds, especially during the colder months.

    It happened when I was a kid, as a persistent storm denied a chance to see Haley’s Comet. The next time around, if I’m still here, I’ll be, like, 278.

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    • the outback skies are beyond majestic! One stage I had an outdoor dunny way across the paddock and it was such a joy to be out there soaking up the magic …

      For two consecutive nights we were treated to an outstanding display of meteorite rain. The swish sounds and zooming lights were out of this world as a few of us huddled on a blanket on the cold ground for ideal views. My ‘space’ friends missed the show due to cloud cover … it’s karma 🙂

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