Beware this could Impact on You!

It seems like every day now for ages my heart is squeezed in a tight vice as we hear of yet another fatality. Today it was a 5 yo, a 6 yo and their mother – killed in their own home, their safe haven, by her boyfriend. The young man charged for setting his 21 yo partner alight or the 18 yo who had her head bashed relentlessly against a steel park bench … it goes on and on. How does this continue to happen, how do we tolerate this outrageous violence against the most vulnerable?

I’ve met these men and women – they sincerely are charmers otherwise how could they draw intelligent partners into their dangerously dysfunctional web.

They say all the right words, are attentive, show her kids a good time … then the put downs start, the controlling, the abuse and shouting, then the shoving and dragging … which escalates to punching and onto beating senseless. Ah but there are excuses – was abused as a child; had a hard day at work or drank too much or … If only she didn’t whinge, cleaned the place up, did what she was told, didn’t back chat, could control her brats …Control


Report what goes on next door!

It escalates drastically once she mentions moving out or falls pregnant – that doesn’t suit and confronted with loss of control he snaps.

They are Dead – another domestic violence statistic!

Is it a blessing that they all went together so they didn’t miss each other?

What if they were your daughter and grandchildren, or sister, cousin or neighbours .. how many lives do such murders effect? How can these vulnerable people ever escape? And if they eventually do, how the heck do they ever recover?

What can I/we do about this?

Tell those women and children that they do matter, are loveable, should be treated with respect and offer them a safety plan with no judgement about how or when they exit. Only she knows the dynamics that she has to dodge in that volatile relationship.

Let men know that it is unacceptable behaviour; that they need to take responsibility, man up, for all that they do and say; that there is absolutely no excuse for violence at any level; that they need to seek professional assistance NOW! They need to learn more constructive ways to deal with their anger, pain and confusion.

Relationships should be mutually loving and supportive, not fraught with fear!

 Please share your constructive solutions for this societal sickness?

Men are the main violators but women do also.
If this is too close to home then please call your local help line now?

[posted January 2016]