Health Hints

Cancer – changing our lifestyle can reduce our risk by 40%, our choice!

  • less sunbathing, reduces skin cancers and melanomas
  • less alcohol as it impacts on liver and breast cancer – even one glass of wine a day increases your likelihood by 10%, so imagine if you drink more?
  • smoking increases our risk of developing cancer by 50% – stopping it has huge benefits for many health complications
  • the research between vegetarians and meat eaters showed little difference but they did recommend only small quantities of red meat
  • UK had a 70% success rate in using the herpes virus to attack cancer cells in head and neck cancer and are now using it on melanomas!

Stroke – check for warning signs to avoid the big one!

Check your own pulse, it should be between 60-100 per minute – if above or below this you are in danger.
Use the FAST list –
Face – eye or mouth drooping?
Arms – is there any weakness, even difficulty lifting a cup?
Speech – has it become slurred?
Time to call your emergency number NOW!


Addictions of any kind – it is clear that avoidance makes it far more desirable!

They demonstrated two very effective methods to change our memories associated with the addiction. One was a closely controlled lab technique for alcohol intake – they test for a base measure then change your memory by showing revolting photos alongside your cold beer eg animal guts, filthy toilet, etc whilst getting you to drink a foul tasting liquid. It was most effective for Dr Mosley.

The other was a group of chocoholics who were taught to sit and imagine they had eaten 30 chocolates before consuming any from the huge bag of treats that they took home. Most found that ‘imagining’ process made them thirsty and they consumed 40% less chocolate than the other group!

Other Tips

Polyunsaturated oils are better for us at room temperature eg poured on salads – sunflower, vegetable or olive oil – but used in cooking they do become carcinogenic

Mono saturated oils are preferable for cooking in small portions as they do not become carcinogenic – lard and butter

Manuka honey – research found no evidence that it killed any more bacteria than ordinary honey so they suggested that we save our money!

Paracetamol – long-term regular use is very dangerous, please check with your GP?

Dr Mosley “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” series, feel free to find the series and watch it in more detail for yourself!


    • Oh Cara you gave me an immediate image of the cowboy riding a horse – our original Marlboro ad!
      We all have choices but this tobacco addiction is the plague … get help or nice knowing you?

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