This is something that I’ve struggled with and probably will until the day I stop breathing! I am not my name, my career or my credentials – how do you describe yourself when asked who are you?

Do we know who we really are?
Who drives your car?
Is it the hands on the wheel,
Or your nerves of steel?

The eyes constantly watching
The mind concentrating
Your feet ever pumping [manual]
Or the parts that make you whole?

Your consciousness or soul;
Is it your friendly kindness
or your angry blindness
Or your own intuitive compass?

Please make the space
To see if you can trace
Anything deeper than your face?
Investigate slowly, don’t race.

My guess is we are not the whole
Nor the many parts, even the soul.
This body is just on loan
Soon it will decay into loam.

Impermanence we will know
Friends and possessions can’t go
Only the good and bad imprints we sow
Spiritual practice helps the flow

Next time your driving
Be grateful that you are thriving!

 Creative Commons Copyright 2007

How do you describe yourself when asked who you are?