Met Bruce in Cooper Peedy when he showed us around his dug out
Just like a suburban home but carved underground
Kept the temperature moderate and excluded all sound
His bedroom the showpiece with a giant-sized bed
Women’s names or initials carved with the date they dallied
This elderly chap was a seducer who enjoyed a spicy life

He had a theory for everything and was keen to share
Dog was man’s best friend because it is God spelt backwards
Had a story about the alphabet and a new Australian flag
He’d replaced the union jack with the Aboriginal flag
Gave me the sticker which I stuck on my car rear window
Raised strong reactions both for and against

Will never forget this colourful eccentric character
His love of life, his readiness to share
His joy obvious and for all things he did care
Considering he lived in the remote outback
He thought deeply and welcomed visitors that’s a fact
Am sure he touched many a life and we left with warm smiles

Please share your story about an eccentric who’s cheered up your life?