Best Friend

Met my best friend at college when we shared a house
A good little Catholic, quiet as a church mouse
Eventually we had to have ‘the talk’
Groceries don’t grow in the cupboard, toilets about to walk!

We cried and we laughed, talked through the night
We became closer so glad that she didn’t take fright.
I went onto work with more studies in sight
As she took ordination to serve others

Now she’s married with five smart kids
And we email most days
We try to support each other in so many ways
She nursed me when my health was poor

Works full-time but still feeds the homeless
Loves cooking,  op shops and gumtree
Active in her parish, a very busy bee
Yet she always finds time for me!

Her kids give me tech support galore
On her and her family I can depend for sure
Unconditional care her essential core
No one could  ask for any more!

She did ask me to say that I do the same for her.
Please share something about your best friend?


  1. This is awesome. Having a best friend like this is something one cannot place a value on. I’ve known my best friend a little more than a year and though we have never met, I feel like I have known her all my life. She is wise beyond her years, intelligent, caring, hard working, God fearing, a wonderful mom, wife , sister, daughter, and friend. I hope to meet her and her family one day.

    Thank you, for sharing this wonderful post about your friend.

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  2. I am still searching for my best friend. After snapping out of a codependent coma last year, my relationships with my closest friends started to change. It became impossible for me to tolerate feeling judged and picked on. It’s good to know that you have a best friend. Here’s to many more precious memories for you both.

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    • Co-dependency is a hard one!
      I can’t imagine not having a bestie, they never judge or pick on one. Certainly not when you know each other so well, and its always okay to say ‘stop’. We have found open honest communication the only way to survive … it started with that initial confrontation when we were sharing. Do hope that you and everyone find one!

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  3. My best friend is one I call “sister”, someone I met through the blogs almost 5 yrs ago. We may never meet in person, though we had a few phone chats–we love each other’s laugh–and we email daily. (She’s not currently blogging, while I’m on my 25th blog…) It is a blessing to have her unconditional love, and the mutual support we offer. Thank you for the opportunity to share this 🙂

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  4. A beautiful poem to your wonderful friend! She sounds like an amazing lady! And I bet you are a wonderful friend to her, too! 🙂 HUGS for both of you! 🙂

    My best friend is someone I can share anything with and I am heard and loved and supported. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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