My Journey

thought I’d buy a world map
mark out places I’ve back packed
seems like a distant dream
so many places I have seen
was part of the overland team
vast reservoir of memories to tap

my pic of scenic Wales

yet somewhere along the way
my thoughts would often stray
to friends and a sunburnt outback
new adventures did distract
but poverty and wars had a strong impact
travel credentials might be okay …

felt like map hopping could
be put aside. For I wished to abide
with familiar things each day
where friends and weather were okay
where I might earn a reasonable pay

Writing 201: Poetry 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor


  1. Exactly, Kate, and both were absolutely crucial to making you who you are. The travels enriched your curiosity and reinforced a more eclectic perspective, while home’s comforting familiarity allows you to develop kindness more fully. Both paths are vital and their meanderings brought you to a unique and nice place -“here.” This – kindness – is your home.

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  2. Home is where the heart and the familiar lie (sometimes we can take ‘it’ with us).
    Travel can be a wonder but returning to a known routine can also be a comfort 🙂

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  3. Travelling can really be very interesting…it excites us as we learn different cultures and traditions..but at some point we have to stop for various reasons 😊😊😊

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  4. […] and all it entails writing about me, a mere temporary speck seems so wrong. But here is a link to one of my earliest poems… wrote it to record a vastly different life, a stepping stone to where I am now. A faded memory […]


  5. This poem is so good, Kate!! I love your message -travelling really does make you more open-minded and culturally aware, but it is your appreciation of your home and family that keeps you grounded. Amazing how you’ve been posting such great poetry since the beginning!! 🙂

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